Lucy at Roaring Fork

Lucy at Roaring Fork

Friday, October 5th, 2018

If you’re brave enough, you may want to take an evening #Halloween drive down the Roaring Fork Motor Trail just outside #Gatlinburg, but keep your doors locked.

Lucy, a beautiful young woman died in a cabin fire around 1909. About a year later a young man who was in need of a wife, spotted a beautiful hitch hiker in the woods and shared his horse with her.

Barefoot on a cold winter’s night, he found it odd that Lucy was abnormally warm, and enraptured by her beauty, he fell in love with her and proposed marriage. When he went to seek her parents approval, they informed him that she had died in the fire the year before.

It is said that Lucy still looks for rides along the road, and many have claimed to have seen her in the woods near where her cabin burned to the ground.
Be careful out there driving thru Roaring Fork at night.

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