Put an Arch Rock Adventure Hike on your Bucket List!

Put an Arch Rock Adventure Hike on your Bucket List!

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

The Alum Bluff Trail is one of the popular places to hike in the Smokies, and one of the must see things to do is to take a climb through Arch Rock. It is the first prominent landmark you’ll come to along this trail, and navigating your way through the narrow tunnel of this natural wonder is a highlight of the hike.

Naturally occurring, it is a large concentration of black slate that formed a natural, arch-like shape over time. It is what could be described as a cross between a natural bridge and a cave.  Don’t let it scare you, but it can be a little challenging getting through Arch Rock. You will hike through the arch via a set of steep and wet rock stairs that were constructed through the rock and the assistance of cable handrails.

You will get to Arch Rock at 1.3 miles on the Alum Bluff Trail, and it is easily with-in the reach of most moderately healthy children and older folks. We suggest you have good footwear for this excursion.

After you get through Arch Rock, if you decide to go further on the trail, at the 2 mile mark you will arrive at Inspiration Point. From here, you will be rewarded with views of Little Duck Hawk Ridge and The Eye of the Needle.
Not far from there, at 2.2 miles you’ll arrive at Alum Cave Bluff, which the trail is named for. The bluff is the final destination along the trail for many hikers. The bluff is at 4,950 feet in elevation, and is 80 feet in height.

If you’re in good hiking shape and have planned plenty of time to do it, you can continue on to reach the top of Mt. LeConte and spend some time at Myrtle Point.

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